Equipment That End of Tenancy Cleaning Services Company in London Comes With 

End of tenancy cleaning services are not limited to residential properties alone. Instead, they are also in high demand in commercial properties too. More importantly, you have to know what to expect from the cleaners before they arrive to start working on your property and furnishings. In this article, we examine the most common types of tools that the team of cleaners will turn up on your property with to clean it thoroughly.

Proprietary Cleaning Fluid

End of tenancy cleaning tends to be quite intense. For this reason, you need as many proprietary cleaning liquids as possible. More specifically, look for the kind of fluids that are perfect for this kind of work. Otherwise, you might end up with the sort of fluids that leave the different parts of the property you clean looking untidy. If that happens, the clients will not pay, and if they do, they will have only negative things to say about you.

Upholstery Shampoo

Upholstery shampoos are also necessary, especially if you expect the end of tenancy cleaners to work on the furniture too. Therefore, ascertain that they will show up with this type of product. That way, you are certain that your upholstery will receive all the love and attention they need prior to moving out from the property. More importantly, they clean the upholstery that remains on the property, thus increasing your chances of getting your rental deposit back.

Cloths and Rags

Much of the cleaning will revolve around wiping different items and surfaces. The doors, windows, walls, and ceilings will all receive plenty of cleaning. Often, the amount of cleaning involved hinges on the level of uncleanliness. For this reason, you should expect to see the cleaners arriving for the task with different cleaning cloths and rags. These items should be in a good condition too to avoid soiling the surfaces, thus annoying the property owner more.


Scouring agents and tools are mandatory in end of tenancy cleaning. Therefore, check if the team of cleaners has shown up with these tools too. Scourers are essential in cleaning cookware. They could be mesh of wires, rough fabrics, or pads. For fabrics, one side should have a sponge with the other side being a bit more abrasive. Moreover, it’s worth stating that scourers would be useless without the accompanying detergents too.

Vacuum Cleaners

Lastly, the end of tenancy cleaners should also report for duty with vacuum cleaners. After all, they have to leave the property looking spotlessly clean. All the dust and debris that cover the floor, especially after removing the carpet, should disappear. Only a vacuum cleaner could help you with this. For this reason, you should ask the cleaners about vacuum cleaners and get guarantees that they will turn up with these tool. End of Tenancy Cleaning London requires to have specific equipment as the nature of the job is very important and not simple to do. Its generally a deep cleaning of all surfaces in the property and without professional equipment you would struggle to clean it properly.