End of Tenancy Cleaning: reasons to do it

If you had let out your property to a responsible tenant, they will keep their end of the tenant agreement by cleaning the property. Having cleaned it themselves or paid for professional end of tenancy cleaning, there will be no need to repeat cleaning, right? Well, not quite because many landlords find that more cleaning is actually necessary before the property can be made available to the next occupant. If your last tenant did a great job, you are a bit lucky because you will just be touching up on what is already good. The hard task for any landlord is to clean up after a tenant who left the property in a mess or left without your knowledge. Either way, the property must be spotless for the following reasons;

Fetching competitive rates

There is no doubt that the demand for accommodation is rising by the day. However, there are many private developers putting up residential houses so the competition for tenants is still high. Clean houses are able to fetch good rent levels and this means profit for the property owner. Tenants have a hard time trusting a landlord who does not have a clean property at the time of letting it to them. Many will interpret this as carelessness and will not feel obligated to take care of it once they start living there.

Set standards for new tenants

When a potential tenant is introduced to a property where the cleanliness standards are high, the will automatically feel the need to abide by that. The opposite is true for those who move into a property that is dirty. Even if you have to do it multiple times, cleaning a property after the tenant leaves sends a message to tenants that they should leave it as they found it.

Protection for investment

The only proof that the landlord has of the condition of their property is photos. Before taking such inventory photos however, make sure that every corner of the house is clean. Are there areas that you feel tenants neglect when cleaning up after tenancy? Scrub off such places and take clear pictures of them. This way, there can be no disputes especially when a tenant moves out and there is need to use part of their deposit money to pay for professional cleaning. The inventory pictures should indicate maintenance of a high standard of cleanliness. Do not forget to take pictures of places that will attract potential tenants; walls, kitchen sinks, bathrooms, and inside the fridge and oven. End of Tenancy Cleaners can do an amazing job for your property and can also save you a lot of time and effort doing it yourself.

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